How Mattress can contribute to your Bedroom Interior Decor?

Dorothy Draper was a leading and innovative American interior decorator of the early to mid 20th century. She helped inspire a generation of home improvement devotees with her 1939 book Decorating is Fun, subtitled “How to Be Your Own Decorator”. For her

‘You may concentrate on appearances all through the rest of your house, but in the bedroom comfort should be supreme. I think that bedrooms should also be very intimate rooms-they should express your personal preferences in every way…Of all the rooms in the house your bedroom is yours.’

Your interior goes in vain with uncomfortable bed as bedroom is a room specified for your bed. Thus decorating your bedroom by ignoring the significance of good mattress is just like making spaghetti without spaghetti ;)To buy memory foam mattress for your bed following points should be in your mind;
•    Mattress Sizes
•    Mattress Comfort Levels
•    Mattress Materials
•    Testing Mattresses Before Buying
•    Guarantee
•    Cost
•    Outer Cover
•    Bed Base
The Memory Foam and Wool Package is a complete quality package for your valued bed that includes Sleepshaper Original Memory Mattress, awarded the ‘Which’ magazine Best Buy Award which guarantees quality.

This package is for those that demand the finer things in life.This Package include the following items:
•    Sleepshaper Original 20cm Memory Foam Mattress
•    Merino Wool Underlay
•    Merino Wool ‘DUET’ Quilt/Duvet
•    2 x Merino Wool Pillow covers (One with single)
•    2 x Memolux Memory Foam Pillows (One with single)
Moreover you can transform your mattress by adding a Natural Merino Wool Topper that Increases comfort, allows your body to breathe and reduces perspiration. It offers relief from back ache and aches and pains such as arthritis and rheumatism.

Merino Wool also absorbs excess moisture and keeps your body dry and comfortable all night. In short buy memory foam mattress and be hale and healthy

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  2. Bedroom is a personal space that should be relaxing and comfortable. The highlight of a bedroom is of course, the bed. This is a significant place in the room where you cuddle up and relax. It is just right to become specific in choosing your bed and mattress. Be sure you express personal preference in bed to have supreme comfort.

  3. memory foam mattress is its ability to ‘warm up’ – that is, the user’s own body heat can be retained by the mattress during that night, allowing an even more comfortable sleep than a regular mattress.

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